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Aluminum Shift Knob Extension

Of course size matters. Not everyone wants a short shift knob. Extend your 36R or 48R knob by 68mm (2.7") with this aluminum extension. Mix and match colors or material, whatever floats your boat. 
  • M16x1.5 Thread
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • Compatible with 36R and 48R shift knobs, both Delrin and aluminum variants
  • Adds 68mm in height
  • Weight (with extension)
    • 36R Delrin
      • 178g (6.3oz) [no spacers] - 204g (7.2oz) [w/ 23mm & 5mm spacer]
    • 36R Aluminum
      • 274g (9.7oz) [no spacers] - 300g (10.6oz) [w/ 23mm & 5mm spacer]
    • 48R Delrin
      • 174g (6.1oz) [no spacers] - 200g (7.1oz) [w/ 23mm & 5mm spacer]
    • 48R Aluminum
      • 260g (9.2oz) [no spacers] - 290g (10.2oz) [w/ 23mm & 5mm spacer]

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