350Z Cruise Control Kit

***Due to the shape of the 350Z Cruise Control Kit, you will be required to run a Spline Quick Release in order have enough clearance between the wheel and the cruise control switch.


With many vehicles, the cruise control stalk is located on the steering wheel itself. Which meant that when it came to getting an aftermarket steering wheel, one usually had to sacrifice the cruise control altogether, or try to go through the complicated process of rewiring it somewhere else. Sacrifice no more! Enter the DND Cruise control retention kit. Made from plasma cut aluminum, this kit offers a mounting location for your cruise control, along with having everything you need to set it up. Now you can go out and truly cruise in style.

*must have aftermarket hub adapter that retains OEM clock spring with airbag resistors installed for this to work on your vehicle.

*Purchasing the plate will include the plate and hardware. You will be required to use your OEM cruise control switch.


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