About Us

At the root of DND Performance Interior is a small team that enjoys cars and innovative products. Our focus isn't to follow in any generic direction as with many other companies in the automotive aftermarket, but to bring you products that we would enjoy and be excited to use on our own cars. When we started in late 2013, we had the simple goal of making cool shift knobs that we could use for ourselves. Eventually when we had enough to make them in several small batches we began selling them to friends, and that was the beginning of DND. We always keep the customer in mind, and never forget where we came from. We love to hear your opinions and ideas of what you think would be cool for us to make, because after all, if it isn't a product that you guys don't get excited about, it isn't worth making. We are never satisfied, and want to always push harder to make products that you would be proud to run. So whether its street, track, or show we have you covered with unique and functional products.