DND Hydraulic Handbrake Rendering

April 25, 2018

DND Hydraulic Handbrake Rendering

So a few weeks ago we asked you guys on our Instagram (DNDPerformanceInterior) about your opinions on some handle designs.

We are in the process of developing our own Hydro with a fully CNC milled handle with dual pivot points for use in either upright or traditional handbrake positions, as well as optional Wilwood master/slave for use in both pass through and dual rear caliper setups! 

The design of the top grip area draws inspiration from products within the firearms industry. It's important to constantly develop and refine ergonomics, which is a major factor in other industries, and should be the same for automotive aftermarket. 

This will truly be a one stop hydraulic handbrake solution! Here is a rough, initial rendering of the handle. Keep in mind, this may not be representative of the final product! We are still tweaking some of the cutouts. Since it is still pre-production, feel free to reach out to us for feedback!



ETA: Mid to Late June 2018 

DND Performance Interior

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