Locking nuts

Some of you have been wondering what the nut we include in your shifter order is for. For shifters that are directional, (there is a front and a back), we include a locking nut so it sits straight.

To use the locking nut, simply thread the nut onto the shift post before you thread the shifter. After you have threaded the shifter on, and it is in a position to your liking, simply thread the nut back up until it tightens itself against the bottom of the shift knob. Now you shift knob is secure and facing the correct direction! 



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How Hubs Work

So recently we have been getting lots of questions on how hubs work in conjunction to our aftermarket steering wheels.

How Hubs and Quick Releases work:

To use an aftermarket steering wheel like the ones we sell, you must have a Hub adapter. A hub adapter is NOT a quick release. A quick release mounts to the hub to allow you to remove your steering wheel. To purchase a hub visit this links:

Thank you for your continued support,

DND Performance Interior

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Samurai Shifters v2 coming soon!

Everyone has been asking when our samurai shifters will be back in stock, we're sorry to keep you waiting! Our manufacturer is taking longer than expected to finish them, but they should be done within a month. We are cutting no corners when it comes to quality and finish, so we guarantee the wait will be worth it! Thank you guys for your continued support and stay posted for new products every month!

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New Products have been Added!

Now introducing a few new products to our website! No interior is complete without a selection of steering wheels, so we brought in some cool and unique wheels. In addition, we have two new shift knobs for you to browse through so check them out! We have even more products on the way so keep posted to our site!


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Brand new website

Thanks for visiting DND Performance Interior. As a brand new company, we are excited to offer some unique and innovative products for your interior needs. We have many new products on the way very soon including steering wheels, and a new line of shifters. Please email if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing our products on your cars!

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